6.6 Park & Sort – Planner Entry Copy

 6.6 Park & Sort – Planner Entry

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to learn about the Park & Sort technique – take the information you’ve acquired to identify and address 3 possible objections you may face for the client/prospect you brought along with you as part of the pre-work.

These potential objections will be submitted directly to your Coach and will become a part of your Real Opportunity Planner. Your coach will use this in your one-on-one session to help you directly engage this and all future clients/prospects to achieve the best outcome possible.

Video Submission

Now that you’ve submitted your potential objections, the next step is to practice addressing them using the Park & Sort technique that we’ve been learning about in this module..


  1. Record yourself through the video application by clicking the box below.
  2. Click the camera icon to start the recording.
  3. Click the play button to review your recording. Feel free to record and re-record as many times as necessary. To re-record simply press the red record button again.
  4. Click the save button to submit directly to your coach.

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