5.3 Striker Questions – Real Life Examples (OBN-VL)

5.4 Striker Questions – Real Life Examples 

Here are a few real life examples of Striker Questions we’ve seen used with clients in various industries.

The column on the left represents Ineffective examples and the right column represents examples that our coaches have categorized as effective

Take some time to review these examples and see if you can determine the specific factors of what make each example either effective or ineffective


The best Striker Questions are those that not only the salesperson doesn’t know the answer to, but your customer also doesn’t know the answer to until you ask the question. Your customers are well informed – they may know as much about you and your competitors as you do. Asking the same old boring questions your customers already know the answers to will most often cause them to disengage. 

Validate: Ineffective Question
What are your goals for the year?

Challenge: Ineffective Question
Are you satisfied with your growth rates?

Compare: Ineffective Questions: What has changed for you over the past two years?

Rank: Ineffective Questions What is the most important element in your success?

Shock: Ineffective Questions Are you prepared for a food poisoning incident?

Futurize: Ineffective QuestionsHow would an apprentice program impact non-college bound students

Validate: Effective Question Share with us your survey scores for the past 4 years, and why you feel you have received those scores.

Challenge: Effective QuestionYour growth rate is 10% below the industry average. What are the contributing factors to this lower than average growth rate?

Compare: Effective Questions What concerns you most – cost or quality? How do both affect your reputation?

Rank: Effective Questions What are your top three reasons you plan to change your outsourcing partner?

Shock: Effective Questions You are currently at a 62% occupancy rate. What happens if you cut an additional 2 million out of your budget? Are you prepared for a further decline in occupancy?

Futurize: Effective QuestionsPut business aside for a moment. When you think in terms of your personal legacy – how do you want to be remembered?