5.3 Nuggets of Value – Real Life Examples Copy

5.3 Nuggets of Value – Real Life Examples

Here are a few real life examples of Nuggets of Value [in the table below] we’ve seen used with clients in various industries.

Take some time to review these examples and see if you can determine the specific factors of what make each example effective. 


Nuggets of Value are unique pieces of information that help customers better understand not only the scope of their needs, but also the challenges and barriers to success that exist, and the different options available to overcome them.


The number of premium business travelers have increased 400% over the past decade. 

Attracting this premium business traveler will boost the average ticket price by 40%.

Identify challenges to growth

Older hospitals like yours do not have infrastructure to further expand services.

Efficiency gains must be achieved in order to achieve growth targets.

Ideas for creativity or innovation 

Purchasing digital access codes instead of printed materials can reduce the costs of materials by 60% – while improving distance learning results.

Potential problems or pitfalls 

A lack of IT knowledge and skills will have a negative effect on successful job seeking. 

Those institutions that provide superior IT education have a stronger reputation base upon higher average salaries of recent graduates.

Ideas for working with suppliers

Risk sharing agreements are now available with large suppliers to provide additional value and minimize inventory costs.

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