3.6 Frame High – Exercise (OBN-VL)

3.6 High – Exercise

Instructions: In this exercise, you will write the first draft of your Frame statement and then deliver it in a short recording.

Use the real life client you brought along with you as a part of the pre-work. 

Be sure that it meets the criteria for success:

  • Short/concise
  • Memorable/easily repeatable
  • Focuses on outcomes
  • Paints a picture of success
  • Paints a verbal picture – why it matters to the customer
  • Delivered in a strong, confident way, leveraging not just words but also tone-of-voice, eye contact, and body language

Now that you’ve entered your written Frame draft via the exercise entry above, the next step is to practice delivering it to the client via video recording using the engaging body language that we discussed earlier in the module.


  1. Record yourself through the video application by clicking the box below.
  2. Click the camera icon to start the recording
  3. Click the play button to review your recording. Feel free to record and re-record as many times as necessary. To re-record simply press the red record button again.
  4. Click the save button to submit directly to your coach.
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