3.4 Frame High – Explanation (OBN-VL)

3.4 Frame High – Explanation

You need to begin the negotiation in a way that grabs the attention of the buying team and demonstrates your understanding of what is important to them. A well-prepared Frame enables the salesperson to effectively shift the perspective of the negotiation to what is really important going forward.

Frames should accomplish the following:

Shift perspective to what is important

Focus on outcomes, value, and ROI to the customer

Paint a verbal picture – why it matters to the customer

A Frame is NOT about you – what you want, or plan

  • Don’t start with phrases like “what I want to talk about is…” and 
  • It should never start with a description of your solution.

When executing a Frame, and revisiting it throughout the negotiation dialogue, remember that others will only be as interested and confident in what you say, as you appear to be. So, while your words are important, how you convey those words is critical. We will cover this further in the next module.