3.3 Generate Needs – Planner Entry Copy

3.3 Generate Needs – Planner Entry 

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to learn about generating needs and how to identify what determines a need vs. a want – take the information you’ve acquired to identify some known & unknown needs for the client/prospect you brought along with you as part of the pre-work. 

These unknown needs will be submitted directly to your coach and will become a part of your Real Opportunity Planner. Your coach will use this in your one-on-one session to help you directly engage this and all future clients/prospects to achieve the best outcome possible. 

Types of Unknown Needs

Undiscovered: a need that the customer doesn’t know that he/she has.

Unconsidered: a need that the customer knows he/she has but has not considered your company for a solution, so the customer doesn’t bring it into the conversation. They never considered you for that need.

Underappreciated: a need in which the customer “underappreciates” the impact to the top or bottom line, or the achievement of specific goals of satisfying that need. The customer assigns little weight to it and doesn’t understand the full consequences of how that need could affect his/her business.