2.4 Power Hook – Real Life Examples (VL)

2.4 Power Hook – Real Life Examples 

Here are a few real life examples of Power Hooks we’ve seen used with clients in various industries.

The column on the left represents ineffective examples and the right column represents examples that our coaches have categorized as effective.

Take some time to review these examples and see if you can determine the specific factors of what make each example either effective or ineffective.  

Remember, an effective Power Hook should: 

  • Be short, memorable and easily repeatable. 
  • Focus on customer outcomes, not product or service features.
  • Appeal to the buyer’s emotions – because it centers on what he/she/they want, need, and desire.
  • Be delivered confidently in a strong, powerful way, leveraging not just words, but also tone of voice, eye contact, and body language 
  • Position the sales process in a way that is advantageous to you and allows you to help the customer achieve the greatest value and ROI

Ineffective Example 1.

We are keen to get involved in your IFD focus group and see how we can address your needs for the classroom and virtual teaching.


Ineffective Example 2.

You told me by phone that you plan to start preparing a regional IOL´s tender and that you want it to be published in 18 months, so the main reason for the visit is for me to learn a little more about the expectations of your procurement team in relation to ophthalmology processes that include the IOLs in your region, and specifically the initial approach you have in mind for the new tender. We have known each other well for years and we have had a excellent partnership relationship, so I am sure we will be able to align your high objectives in ophthalmology, both for patients and for ophthalmologists, as well as for your regional health service with our proposal, so let me show you why we are the best choice to achieve all your goals.

Ineffective Example 3.

As the biggest bank of the country, you know the importance of technology and security which is why you want to increase your cybersecurity team’s capacity.  Instead of hiring experienced employees, you can educate the newly graduated teams with a Cybersecurity Academy.

Ineffective Example 4.

We know you are experiencing hard times and are facing severe budget cuts.  We can offer you a new approach to get through these hard times.

Effective Example 1. 

In order to maintain enrollment during these challenging times, you need a cost efficient, interactive virtual teaching technology that engages students more fully as it increases learning, retention and test scores.

Effective Example 2. 

As you prepare the regional IOL tender, it is critical that you devise a process that enables you to choose the highest quality clinical solution that meets the needs of surgeons and patients, and drives cost efficiencies for the regional health service

Effective Example 3.

Let’s talk about a way you can increase your cybersecurity team’s capacity without hiring additional staff or increasing your overall cybersecurity budget.

Effective Example 4.

Your goal is to create a strong foundation for recovery in 2021 by maximizing the return on invested capital and minimizing the impact of anticipated budget cuts.