2.2 The AGREE Negotiation Model – Exercise Copy

2.2 The AGREE Negotiation Model – Exercise

Every successful negotiation begins with a plan. High-performing sales professionals use the AGREE model to focus on key sales criteria, expand the Zone of Tolerance, create significantly more perceived value, and negotiate better deals. 

Aim and Frame High 

What one expects determines what he/she gets, so set high goals for all aspects of a negotiation. Frame the negotiation around desired outcomes, for others to immediately see the value in fully engaging in the process. 

Generate Needs 

Invest time and effort in identifying the business, technical and personal needs, fears, and desires of all parties. 

Realize Power 

Negotiations are really about the ability of one person to influence the behavior of another. Power comes in many different forms and sources. 

Exchange Value 

When something is given away, its value is diminished. When value is exchanged it is enhanced. Successful negotiators resist giving things away with little or nothing in return. 

Expect Tension 

Tension is inevitable, and when embraced becomes a positive, creative force for engagement and innovation.