1.3 Real Opportunity Planner – Introduction Copy

1.3 Real Opportunity Planner – Introduction

Outcome Based Selling recognizes that you need to implement a balance of: 

  • Asking qualitatively different questions that provoke a new understanding for your customers and
  • Sharing Nuggets of Value (insights and information) that the customer can leverage immediately.

You need to do both – better than ever before – to be successful throughout the ongoing customer dialogue.  It takes courage to embrace the tension inherent in these moments and to challenge ourselves and our customers to stay in the Arena of meaningful dialogue.

What is courage? 

Courage is simply having the competence (skills) to do what makes you truly effective, and the confidence (knowing what to do, and how to do it well) to do what makes you truly effective. 

Not what is easy, or familiar or comfortable.

Throughout the following modules, we are going to identify, isolate, and practice the behaviors that create a meaningful dialogue, a dialogue that: 

  • Is planned but not scripted;
  • Will cause your customers to expand their thinking about their needs and the opportunities that exist for them when working with you; and
  • Help customers focus on the value that you, your company, and your solution provide.

There’s one more critical step to operating in The Arena, and it happens before you begin interacting with buyers – planning the dialogue.

Before meeting with the customer, plan (but don’t script) a dialogue that helps you bring the customer to the next logical step in the sales process. 

This dialogue should help them surface and prioritize the depth and breadth of needs that actually exist, and help them maximize the value of every decision they make.

Take a look at the screenshot below. 

This is the OBS Planner.

Throughout each workshop module you will have a “Planner Entry” where you will apply the lesson of that module to a real customer situation that you’ve identified. It will be accessible to you at all times through the top right link in your learner dashboard.

At the end of the program, you will have a specific and comprehensive plan of action for applying the OBS strategies to a specific customer situation.

You will also have a chance to review it and practice executing that plan with your coach.