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5.2 Frame It Up – Explanation

How we frame discussions influences both the dialogues and outcomes we achieve.

Let’s start with the purpose of Frame It Up.

• Frame It Up is about shifting perspectives so that people focus on what’s really important – their objectives and desired outcomes.
• We know now that data dump doesn’t engage people nor keep people engaged. In the Triangle of Challenge, we learned that people are deluged with information. It makes them check out. We need to think about this when we bring our ideas to others.
• We are going to look at a process on how to filter to the key nuggets.

To put this into context, let’s think about what people experience on a jury.

Just imagine what your reaction would be if on the first day of a trial the defense attorney walked up to the jury box with 20 file boxes full of information and set them down in front of you and said, “These boxes contain all of the reasons why my client is innocent.”

How compelling would it be for you? Staring at a box of papers and sifting through them to figure out whether or not the person was innocent or guilty?

But how often do we do that in our work — we come into a meeting with lots of information and data?

But effective attorneys don’t do that, do they? Instead, they think through the data and highlight two or three of the briefest and compelling points. Then they practice, and practice, and practice some more to put those compelling points into a vivid story, frequently sharing one example or metaphor in their opening statement that will “grab” your attention and hopefully shape the jury’s perspective. They make the data meaningful and compelling.

No, we are not trying to make you into a trial attorney — but we do want to help you practice what lawyers have learned to do that makes their data compelling and engages people. They practice to shape a perspective, influence and engage.

Remember, 70 – 87% of people are disengaged in their work, and a key reason is that they are deluged with information overload, and it is hard to retain information and hard to focus.

How many of you have been to project meetings where you felt like you were deluged with meaningless information, and it caused you to disengage? We need to bring a solution to that issue with how we frame our ideas and information so that we engage people.

The goal of Frame It Up is to build your awareness of how to move from data dump to compelling information and begin to practice what your “opening statements” might sound like.

In your upcoming workshop you will have the opportunity to apply “Frame It Up” skills to your real-life situation.

In preparation for this remember that your Frame It Up statement should:

  • Shift perspective 
  • Focus on outcomes and results
  • Short, memorable, easily repeatable
  • Appeal to emotions
  • Focus on loss avoidance and/or potential gain 
  • Deliver confidently