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4.2 Listen Up – Explanation

Take a look at the image below. This is the Chinese language symbol for listening. The symbol is made up of three different signs – one for ear, one for eye, one for heart. In essence 2000 years ago people knew that
to be effective listeners, people had to use all of their senses.

We often listen to reply (and to fix), and it frustrates people that
want to be heard.

Listening is a gift to the speaker and the listener. It helps us connect the dots of understanding. Without listening, an organization cannot get to innovation and collaboration.

Intentional Listening is key for growth. We know how to hear the
other person, but do we listen to respond or listen to reflect?
Great listening takes effort. We are going to ask that you make a real effort to be an active listener for the remainder of our workshop.

Without listening, an organization cannot get to growth, because
people are not in the conversation if they are not listening, there
is hearing, and there’s listening, I can hear a noise but if I don’t
acknowledge and say what I heard it’s not really understanding.
We have to be good listeners to get to innovation and growth.
We all know we need to be good listeners but as soon as we have
tension or stress, we become bad listeners.