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2.2 Show Up – Explanation

Let’s first start by looking at the first Norm called Show Up.
Show Up is being aware of how engaged/disengaged people are
and doing something about it. Remember, the 4D’s (Distracted,
Deluged, Disconnected, and Difficult) get in the way.

How engaged are people when:

• They are checking email?
• One person does all the talking?
• No one asks questions to learn more about the topic at

“Showing Up” is a skill of noticing. There is a great quote from Ron Heiffitz about observing. Some people refer to noticing as “pretending to be a fly on the wall” or “standing on the balcony.”

The quote by Ron Heiffitz is from his research at Harvard Business
School — he calls it the ability to “get on the balcony” and notice
how dynamics are affecting productivity.

Not much happens when people don’t notice, but when
they do—it can change everything. Disengagement is costing
companies $450-550 billion every year in the US alone, according
to the Gallup Organization, because people are checked out. So,
let’s do a reality check with where you are with engagement in a
real-world situation.

In preparation for your upcoming workshop start thinking about where you would rate yourself on “Showing Up”.