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Retain, Renew, Grow (RRG) – Virtual Live (VL)

Welcome to Retain, Renew, Grow (RRG), a behavior change process designed to help you close profitable, sustainable agreements faster by transforming your customer dialogue and engaging your buyers in more provocative conversations that differentiate you, your company and your solution.

In preparation for the experience, this video will provide you a preview into what to expect during and after your engagement with the platform, and what you will need to prepare to gain maximum value from the experience.

One key objective of the Retain, Renew, Grow process is that you share an ongoing opportunity in which you are able to put into practice all or part of the tools that we gain throughout the training.

Please download the two documents in module 1.0 in preparation for your upcoming virtual session:

RRG Planner: Takes these tools and allows you to note how you used them (or how you plan to use them) on your current deal.

RRG Participant Guide: Helps you to keep track of key workshop objectives and will provide you with a set of important take-aways and notes for each module.

Once you’ve had an opportunity to watch the orientation video, feel free to start your Retain, Renew, Grow (RRG) journey by clicking on module 1.0 below. Happy Trails!