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Coaching For Performance (CFP) – Virtual Live (VL)

Welcome to Coaching For Performance, a behavior change process designed to help managers take advantage of critical coaching moments and create an engaging coaching dialogue. The process of successfully sparking that dialogue enables team members to identify and build off of strengths as they come to understand how they can be even more effective as professionals by developing new skills, approaches and confidence.

In preparation for your upcoming workshop, these web-based modules will help you to gain an initial understanding of what you will learn and apply to real life situations, allowing you to gain maximum value from the experience.

Please download the document in module 1.0 in preparation for your upcoming facilitator-led session:

CFP Participant Guide: Helps you to keep track of key workshop objectives and will provide you with a set of important take-aways and notes for each module.

Once you’ve had an opportunity to watch the orientation video, and download your CFP Participant Guide in module 1.0, feel free to start your Coaching For Performance journey by clicking on one of the modules below. Happy Trails!